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SALT Art Gallery exhibits a diverse range of contemporary art in Philadelphia, PA. We represent a mix of established and emerging artists while cultivating new talent. We strive to provide a unique platform for artists to develop their work and ideas in a supportive and nurturing environment. Since opening in May 2009, SALT Art Gallery remains dedicated to the evolution and continual dialogue of contemporary art.

As a result of our continued support of contemporary art and our artists, SALT Art Gallery has been given the opportunity to collaborate with Philadelphia’s Mural Arts Program and The National Council of Ceramic Arts (NCECA).


Michael Veneziale, Owner and Curator

Brought up in New Hope Pennsylvania, Michael Veneziale’s passion for the visual arts and painting emerged at a young age. By high school, Michael was being commissioned to design and paint sets for local schools and arts organizations, such as The Bucks County Playhouse. He continued to develop his work as a painter and by the early 1990’s made the move to Brooklyn, NY to pursue his career. At first a struggling artist, Michael worked odd jobs, including a memorable one with a carpet cleaning NYC company, a brutal yet rewarding occupation that gave him little time to work on his art. The business flourished and he was rewarded with the opportunity to buy an interest in the enterprise. That turned out to be a major reason not only for his artistic success, but also for a new-found love of process. Cleaning rugs revealed to him the necessary tools he used in set design - large scale fabric management and the supplies required to keep exposed surfaces looking bright and glowing. "Carpets are a significant part of any indoor set, and knowing how to keep them in good condition is critical when a play has a long run." Over the next 10 years, his prolific career in New York City included creative collaborations with media moguls from MTV, Radical Media, Works in Progress and as well as numerous exhibitions and private commissions.

By the early 2000’s, Michael decided to return to Philadelphia, bringing his experience and knowledge of contemporary art to the local arts community.  It was his continual support and engagement of contemporary art that lead Michael to open SALT Art Gallery in May of 2009. 

Since Opening SALT, he has contributed to the vibrancy of the contemporary arts field in Philadelphia by showcasing and supporting emerging talent and collaborating with various arts organizations and businesses. In addition, over the past year, he has been commissioned by WaveWare, Naked Chocolate and Sesame Street. Michael is pleased to bring his prowess, knowledge and practice in contemporary art to cultivate new and established relationships with both artists and clients through his activity with SALT Art Gallery.


During the First Friday Arts Crawl my crew and I stumbled upon a few brand spanking new galleries. Salt was the first and while it definitely offered a lot as far as the art and the party, It just felt that it didn't offer a lot professionally and that's why I'm curving middle ground.

The perfect example and testament to that fact would be it's website. I was so immersed in and enamored by the art that it had that I genuinely wanted to get some information on who the artists were, and some general information on the gallery. So naturally when I picked up one of their cards and saw a website I figured that it would be the perfect place to get those facts. right? Not even close. If anything it was an exact copy of the business card. Same font, same logo, same color, same generic info. Really? If your going to go to the trouble to purchase the domain name and have a site, having one so basic for something which is filled with so much expression and detail just seems absolutely illogical. The only thing different was the fact that the website had a link to the gallery owners email address. I think I might be sending him a copy of this review.

But extreme oversight aside the actual gallery was  pretty fantastic. It had a prime location right by Race Street Cafe (although it was also hidden enough to the point that we wouldn't have noticed it if it was for the people walking out with wine glasses and the sound of music). And the art was pretty fantastic. they had supersized painting of semi familiar streets throughout Philadelphia and New York that I have walked through and cherished. they also had the work of an awesome illustrator/shirt designer that was pretty damn amazing. Think anime, meets sci fi, meets WoW, and you might be dead on. And his work was what inspired me to check out the website in the first place. Because McThrill was actually interested in spreading the word, getting the awesome name of his TShirt company again and it's interesting back story, and possibly making a purchase. Make it happen!

  • Jill C.
  • Philadelphia, PA
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Very disappointed in this place!  A friend from out of town came in to the city for a girls night and she was excited to go to this gallery. We checked the hours on-line and decided to meet there at 5, since it closed at 6. Got there at a few minutes after 5 and it was locked up tight.

Even the hours posted outside said open to 6 on Saturdays. And there wasn't a sign on their door saying why they closed early (I would have understood if there was a sign stating some kind of explanation - kid is sick, on vacation, abducted by aliens).  They are only open 4 days a week (according to the posted hours) so I am more than a bit miffed that they were closed.  

So for being closed when you were supposed to be open you get one star.

  • Jon G.
  • Warrington, PA
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Salt Gallery offers an eclectic mix of art with a fresh modern feel. The cityscapes especially show the original style of the owner/artist Mike Veneziale

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